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Medicupping.jpgVacuum therapy is a non-invasive manual physiotherapy technique that works on high and low vacuum principles. Your therapist will use a machine attached to glass or polycarbonate cups via a hosing system that allows them to create a pressure-regulated vacuum seal on your skin.  The vacuum stretches the skin and subcutaneous tissue, causing movements in all the supporting structures, such as the superficial layer of muscle and connective tissue. The vacuum facilitates local oxygen availability and an increased metabolic state in the area where the vacuum therapy is applied. 

Vacuum therapy stimulates the peripheral nervous system and increases blood flow in areas where circulation is impaired. Tissue adhesions that cause ‘knots’ in the soft tissues are a common problem causing pain. Vacuum therapy is highly effective in relieving pain caused by local adhesions. By stretching the skin and subcutaneous tissue, we stimulate muscles, muscle sheaths, and facial tissue, which leads to the loosening of adhesions and improved tissue fluidity, resulting in reduced pain intensity. 

Vacuum therapy has a positive effect on the purification of the intercellular matrix. The tissue stretching induced by the vacuum increases the availability of nutrients and oxygen to the applied area. Vacuum therapy has a positive effect on reducing muscle tension, increasing local lymphatic flow, accelerating the local removal of toxins,  and reducing excess water retention in the skin and subcutaneous tissue. 

Our Medicupping™ Services

Mindful Movement - Injury Restoration Treatment

Whether you are healing from surgery, an accident, or just need a little help with pain reduction, our Medicupping™ service is an intelligent choice. We can help target any body area that needs a little boost. This can be a stand-alone service or added to an existing treatment. 


Find Your Flow - Lymphatic Drainage Assistance


Lymphatic drainage is a gentle bodywork technique that stretches the skin, stimulates the lymph, and directly supports the natural, ongoing process of eliminating harmful toxins from the body. It is a subtle yet powerful therapy that can assist the body in functioning at it’s absolute best.

Medicupping™ combines manual lymphatic drainage with advanced vacuum therapy to move a substantial volume of lymphatic fluid through the system. Safe, comfortable and relaxing treatments through vacuum therapy lymphatic drainage provide relief from a congested lymphatic system while simultaneously flooding the body with oxygen-rich blood circulation and separation of muscle tissue, adding benefits that traditional manual lymphatic drainage simply cannot achieve.

Let's Smooth Things Over - Cellulite Reduction Therapy


Cellulite vacuum therapy is one of several therapies used to tackle the hard-to-shift, dimpled fat often found on thighs, knees, buttocks, stomach, and the tops of arms.

A vacuum is created around the area, lifting the cellulite away from the muscle, thus encouraging blood flow, stimulating lymphatic drainage, and amplifying the effects of massage or exercise. Cellulite vacuum therapy is a modern version of the ancient Chinese art of "cupping" that is now a popular alternative treatment.

Vacuum therapy is a non-invasive, scientifically researched treatment certified by quality standard agencies such as the FDA and is painless, safe, and highly effective. It offers an effective solution to fight cellulite in all stages, reduces localized fat, and reshapes the body.